Mevari and the Archons

Sharlayan Bard Band


Mevari Navalo, the Sharlayan Archon of Music, was once a music archivist at the Studium. One day, however, while visiting Ul'dah, he was struck with inspiration and decided not to just collect and analyze music, but to write and perform it.Together with his band of eccentric students from all over the world, he travels Eorzea spreading the joy of music.As a previous archivist, he specializes greatly in music that is familiar or nostalgic, but the band does not limit itself to any particular genre, and play "whatever sounds good".They are available for scheduled performances at venues, but usually perform publicly in one of the three major Eorzean cities.When Mevari Navalo is not playing with his own band, he is busy helping manage the Bards' Guild.

Band Members

Each band member has their own history and personality. Some even specialize in specific kinds of music.

  • Dodoreme Soparano, the cheery Lalafell from Ul'Dah. She wants to follow in the footsteps of F'lhaminn Qesh, the Songtress of Ul'dah.

  • Minuette Alto, the seductive Elezen from Ishgard. Once a church choir singer, she renounced her faith and became a lounge singer before joining the band.

  • Amadeus cen Tenor, the brash Garlean from Garlemald. Left the Empire after an Anata he had a relationship with was publicly executed for her controversial music.

  • Olafur Bariton, the gentle Highlander from Ala Mhigo. An empathetic man with a fatherly demeanor, he lives a pacifistic, spiritual life. He plays music to raise money for an orphanage.

  • Deepest Bass, the boisterous Roegadyn from Limsa Lominsa. Once was a pirate, but pursued his passion for music instead. Learned music styles from many different beast tribes.

  • Lenko and Rinko Kodaiko, the twin Lalafell from Hingashi. Often seen fighting and bickering, they're also rarely seen apart. Everything is a competition to them.


If you'd like to keep up with the band, follow Mevari on Twitter for regular updates!If you'd like to contact Mevari directly or chat, join the Bards' Guild Discord and strike up a conversation.